The SEAtS Student Equation…


Your Data + Our Software = Student Success

Three good reasons why your institution should consider the SEAtS Student Success Platform…

  • Easy to use – Ready to go reports, alerts, and forms
  • Easy to buy – Buy straight from the UK Governments Digital Marketplace
  • Easy to run – Just add data from your campus systems

SEAtS works by sitting above and drawing information from whatever student record, timetabling and other systems you have in place. We do not look to change what you already have simply to add value.

Why not download our FREE Datasheet: The SEAtS Student Equation to learn more about how your university, college or institution can benefit from SEAtS.

SEAtS Software provides:

  • Early Warning Systems
  • Cloud Based
  • Real Time Data
  • Increase Completion
  • Enhance Reputation

We hope you enjoy!