[LIVE WEBINAR] The SEAtS Equation..

SEAtS 2.0, the unified student success platform, harvests student engagement and attendance tracking data from physical and digital touch points across campus. SEAtS sets a new benchmark for student success with advanced early warning systems, work flows, dashboards, reports and analytics.

Drive progression, retention, attainment stakeholder compliance

This new release delivers powerful capabilities and a shared perspective that empowers staff and will prompt every student to achieve their potential.

Assure Legal and Stakeholder Compliance

Build work flows that embed your policies and processes on campus and create the escalations and early warning signals that will ensure compliance with visa and immigration, stakeholder reporting and consumer law.

Deliver on Student Success and Satisfaction

Gain a valuable insight into how SEAtS Solutions can benefit your campus. Join our live webinars to learn how your campus can make the most of SEAtS Student Success Platform.

  • Retain students through critical early informed interventions
  • Increase completion through better analytical insights into progression
  • Enhance reputation through improved student satisfaction and outcomes
  • Enhance resource and space utilisation with instant analytics


Thursday, Jan 28th, 2016