Come see us in Phoenix at AACRAO Annual Meeting 2016. SEAtS to sponsor Student Success Conference Track.

SEAtS Software have the privilege of not only exhibiting but also sponsoring the Student Success Track this year’s AACRAO 102nd Annual Meeting, which is taking place in Phoenix Arizona March 20-23, 2016.

SEAtS, the student success cloud software company, are hosting the Student Success Track which explores how PSE’s can lead and inspire positive change for the benefit of the students and the institute, a theme that SEAtS Software can relate to on many levels and aligns clearly with our company’s mission and vision.

SEAtS Software is the shared cloud platform for students, advisers, and instructors. SEAtS Software tracks and analyses student engagement, attendance and performance metrics across all physical and digital channels. It presents highly visual insights instructors, students and advisors. Insights that are easy to understand and easy to action.

Critical real time targeted intervention deliver alerts for at risk students. It helps them to reorient them towards achieving their true potential. Students, staff and faculty benefit from critical student success metrics, engagement, retention attendance tracking, academic progression and attainment all in real-time.

The AACRAO Annual Meeting is a fantastic opportunity for the SEAtS team to meet with and learn from AACRAO members and SEM practitioners and our shared passion for and commitment to successful student outcomes. For more information why not visit our website here.

Registration is now open where you can learn more about AACRAO 2016.

If you would like to be ahead of the pack then why not visit our information center to view some of our datasheets.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s annual meeting!