Student Retention and Completion Issues – How SEAtS can help…

According to studies in recent years, students who are attending four-year colleges in the United States are taking up to six years to graduate, if they graduate at all. The trend in delayed graduation rates is associated to the student’s lack of understanding about their degree requirements, personal family and work commitments that compete for limited resources, and incomplete support to help students develop and stick with a degree plan. SEAtS Student Retention Platform can help you here…

Giving students tools to develop and track their course of study increases the likelihood that they will complete their degree and graduate. This same planning makes it possible for institutions like yours to increase your student completion rates and increase reputations. The SEAtS Student Success Platform is designed to accelerate time-to-degree and retention rates by offering effective communications, appropriate engagement and intervention, and strategic planning solutions that can help you make significant progress towards student success.

One of the most efficient and effective ways to improve student success and retention is to identify problems early and to take appropriate swift action. SEAtS Student Success Platform offers automated tools that help you detect when students are at risk, finding and alerting the appropriate parties, triggering the appropriate people across your institution, and coordinating a plan for success.

SEAtS Solution provides unrivaled integration with your core administrative systems including student information systems, learning management systems, degree planning systems, advancement systems, timetabling systems and analytical tools. When your staff has the information they need, in context, they can provide better services.

Our business, like your business, is students success and our solution can help your students to achieve their full potential in a time pleasing manner.

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