Federal Funding Obligations – How SEAtS can Help…

Deliver on federal funding and financial stakeholder engagement and attendance tracking obligations.

SEAtS Attendance Capture Devices will read your current student ID cards. This makes them highly cost-effective and also significantly increases the speed of adoption of the solution on your campus. SEAtS devices use our push-to-cloud technology to reduce the need for hardware on campus. They also work on your wireless and PoE networks which means significant time and money savings on system setup, wiring, and infrastructure.

SEAtS collect, process and matches attendance against class schedules. We report exceptions and deliver early warning alerts for at-risk students. A suite of compliance reports and analytics will meet all of your reporting obligations.

The SEAtS team have over 20 years’ experience in this field and can advise you in the most appropriate solutions for your institution. We can provide..

  • Wall-mounted Data Capture Terminals
  • Portable Data Capture Solutions
  • Class register via laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Third party integration including Bluetooth beacons and wireless location solutions
  • Access Control Data Capture
  • What does this mean for your campus?

SEAtS Student Attendance Tracking deploys fast and integrates with existing campus systems. Wiring and installation costs are minimized too with our Wi-Fi options, IOS and Android mobile apps and Bluetooth iBeacon solutions. SEAtS instant-on cloud platform means that reports, alerts, and dashboards work as soon as you switch on SEAtS.

We would love to hear your thoughts on how federal funding and financial stakeholder engagement and attendance tracking obligations are affecting your college, why not leave a comment below! Alternatively, we can arrange a call or online meeting with our communications team, simply follow the link below it’s that simple…