Prepare for Brexit with SEAtS

With the future impact of Brexit taking shape (if it takes place which is likely), there is no doubt that it will have a big impact of the higher education sector. Research has shown that EU (non-UK) students will decrease from the current 120,000 post Brexit. Universities will have to work harder to keep their existing UK based students. They may have to recruit more UK-based students to fill the void, many with lower tariffs.

With the widening of participation, the cohort of at risk students increases. These students need active supports to complete their student journey right through to graduation.

Visa restrictions and higher fees for EU (non-UK) students due to their changing status will increase the UKVI compliance workload and associated risks. On the other hand, the drop-in Sterling benefits international students in the UK with lower fees and living costs.

Good business practice calls for planning for whatever eventuality will occur. SEAtS can help with our tried and tested solutions for Student Retention, UKVI compliance and much more besides.

We do this by giving you early warning alerts for “at risk” students. SEAtS also have a full suite of in-built workflows to track and alert on visa compliance issues. These two “out of the box” processes offer immediate compliance, retention and progression benefits.

Check out our suite of solutions which will he help your institution, students and reputation today and in the future: