1st January 2017 Noelle Moore

The Next Wave in Data Analytics

The next wave in data analytics with SEAtS Software:

Learning Analytics: It’s using the data that counts, not the quantity!

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in education, information speaks volumes. Data analytics show what students know, what they should know, and what to do to meet their academic needs. With the right information educators, can make informed decisions and deliver better student outcomes.

What we do:

SEAtS collect data from any physical or digital touch point or campus system. SEAtS applies learning analytic algorithms, categorizes and scores student profile and activity data. Our system will alert you to emerging trends and patterns. We will identify those students requiring intervention or help in real-time.
What this means for your campus:

SEAtS enables you to process structured and unstructured data from your campus and beyond. Schools collect enormous amounts of data on students’ attendance, behaviour and performance. They also hold administrative data and perceptual data from surveys and focus groups. Our system will help you use this data to improve teaching and learning. It is using the data that counts not the quantity (Hamilton et al., 2009).
Use SEAtS to help your team drive student success by identifying critical early intervention. Interventions that will increase engagement, retention and achievement ratios on your campus.

Getting started with SEAtS:

SEAtS is cloud and mobile, ready to use from the get go. The best way to understand the power of SEAtS Student Success Platform is to see it in action. A great place to start is a quick one-on-one demo with a SEAtS student success expert. Then we can answer all your business and technical questions. We can also show you brilliant dashboards and workflows that can inspire your own plans. Alternatively you can browse our full website for more information on all our solutions.