The Importance of Student Attendance Tracking with SEAtS

Do you realise how important student attendance tracking is on your campus?

Lecturers spend hours preparing for classes, creating informative lectures and planning engaging activities. Most go above and beyond in the hopes that their students will achieve a deeper understanding of the material that will help them grow as a student and ultimately as a graduate.

Of course, all of this work is meaningless if a student does not attend class.

How can faculty track student attendance and increase engagement at the same time? SEAtS Attendance Tracking solution offers an important role in:

– Monitoring student attendance
– Reducing administrative burden with no data input necessary
– Identifying at-risk students who need support
– Improving academic achievement
– Keeping students engaged

SEAtS attendance tracking solution captures proof of presence, engagement and student success. Our platforms offer a hybrid solution that matches the requirements of individual schools, departments, and courses providing the best most suitable approach.

What we do:

Our attendance capture devices will read current student ID cards. This makes them highly cost-effective and also increases the speed of adoption of the solution on campus. Our devices use push-to-cloud technology to reduce the need for hardware on campus.

What it means for your campus:

SEAtS student attendance tracking deploys fast and integrates with existing campus systems. Wiring and installation costs are minimised too with our wifi options. Our instant on-cloud platforms mean that reports, alerts, and dashboards work as soon as you switch on SEAtS.

Want to learn more? Why not schedule a 15-minute online demo with one of our student attendance tracking experts.