How SEAtS Electronic Attendance Tracking can Help your Financial Aid Office

SEAtS Electronic Attendance Tracking can help your financial aid office today!

Key Benefits:

– Significant Reductions in Bad Debts and resulting DoE Reimbursements
– Meet federal regulations for disbursing aid to enrolled students

Why is Electronic Attendance Tracking necessary for financial aid management?

If students never attend class, Federal government demands its money back. Recovering those funds from long-departed students is extremely hard.  The college then has to pay back that money to the Department of Education.
How SEAtS can help:

– SEAtS Electronic Attendance Tracking replaces paper attendance rosters without involving faculty,
– SEAtS deliver real-time attendance records for every student.
– SEAts can automate the creation of student lists for financial aid disbursement.
– SEAtS open architecture can push this data to your financial systems/ERP.
– SEAtS support Veteran Affairs to ensure payments for Vets enrolling at your school
– SEAtS support Achieving the Dream and similar student success initiatives.

“Students who attend class consistently do better, Real-time attendance is the most critical component of an early warning system,” according to Jim Tully, SEAtS VP of Student Success. “Students who miss class can be targeted with critical early interventions and the right supports to help them succeed and reach their true potential. SEAtS Customers are reporting 20%+ increases in semester one retention using SEAtS.”

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