The Importance of Learning Analytics for Universities and Students

Every time a student interacts with their university, college or institution – be that going to the library, logging into their virtual learning environment or submitting assessments online – they leave behind a digital footprint. Learning analytics is the process of using this data to improve learning and teaching.

Learning analytics refers to the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about the progress of learners and the contexts in which learning takes place. Using the increased availability of big data sets around learner activity and digital footprints left by student activity in learning environments, learning analytics take us further than data currently available can.

To maximise the benefits of learning analytics here are our customer top 3 features to watch out for:


  1. Improving the quality of teaching
  2. Boosting Retention
  3. Enabling students to take control of their own learning


Learning analytics has the potential to transform the way we measure impact and outcomes in learning environments.

SEAtS deliver integrated learning analytics using the power of predictive analytics and machine learning. These powerful tools will help your team drive student success by identifying critical early interventions that will increase engagement, retention and achievement ratios on your campus.

Why not check out our full datasheet to learn more about our top 3 tips for Learning Analytics. Simply follow the link below 🙂