The Compelling Case for Student Visa and Immigration Compliance

Today’s fast-changing regulatory environment demonstrates the need to invest in Visa and Immigration compliance automation solutions such as Student Retention, Engagement, and Attendance Management Systems.

International Visa Compliance is a risk for every university and college.


The High Cost of Non-Compliance
  • Remediation Costs
  • Suspension of International Licence
  • Overnight Loss of Substantial Fee Income
  • Damage to Reputation and Standings
  • Substantial Fines


SEAtS are the market leader in visa and immigration compliance solutions for educational providers.


SEAtS will:

  1. Identify at-risk international students who need support
  2. Create specifically designed reports & workflows
  3. GIve you access to a suite of data dashboards


Check out our full datasheet for a more detailed account on the compelling case for visa and immigration compliance solutions investment in global HE…