8th February 2018 Noelle Moore

SEAtS Kick-Off at Western Iowa State

SEAtS Kick-Off at Western Iowa State – Bluetooth iBeacon

SEAtS Software is thrilled to showcase our recent visit to Western Iowa Tech Community College where students and faculty participated in a Proof of Concept Implementation.

The purpose of this visit was to bring the test system live with our iBeacon technology and smartphone app with students in several classes.

SEAtS iBeacon:

Monitor student attendance electronically with our smartphone app and Bluetooth iBeacons.

SEAtS iBeacons transmit via Bluetooth their own unique identification number throughout your classroom/lecture hall allowing students to check into class and record their attendance via our smartphone app.

Our iBeacon is a cost-effective way to capture attendance information. The iBeacons are powered by batteries with a five-year lifespan. iBeacons communicate directly with the cloud and do not require any wiring.

  • Native IOS and Android Apps
  • Check into class/placement with Bluetooth
  • Latest Student Schedules
  • Immediate Smartphone notifications of class cancellations & movements
  • Students can see their overall attendance at a section level
  • Faculty are relieved from having to record attendance giving more teaching time

Since our Iowa Tech visit, we have received wonderful feedback from lecturers and students in regards to attendance tracking via the App and Bluetooth iBeacons. Speaking about the visit Oliver Castle, SEAtS Operations Manager said:

“The feedback is we have created a nearly frictionless and viable solution to attendance tracking via mobile and going forwards its only going to get better”

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