Attendance Tracking with SEAtS

Attendance Tracking – Help your Students stay on track today!

Lecturers spend hours preparing for classes, creating informative lectures and planning engaging activities. Most go above and beyond in the hopes that their students will achieve a deeper understanding of the material that will help them grow as a student and ultimately as a graduate.

Of course, all this work is meaningless if a student does not attend class…

From Student ID Card Readers to Bluetooth iBeacons and Mobile Apps – we can design the solution to meet your specific needs.


SEAtS Attendance Tracking Solution:

  • Allows students check into class with any smartphone (they must be in the room)
  • Frees instructors from the task of taking attendance & gives them more teaching time
  • Captures all attendance records
  • Records available to advisers & others with a need to know
  • Is inexpensive to install and operate


SEAtS Attendance Tracking solution deploys fast and integrates with existing campus systems. Wiring and installation costs are minimized with our Bluetooth iBeacon and mobile application options. Our instant on-cloud platforms mean that reports, alerts, and dashboards work as soon as you switch on SEAtS.


Check out our Attendance Tracking Demo Video!