Student Success – A win:win for students and faculty in Higher Education

Higher education institutions (HEI’s) in the 21st century face many and varied challenges. The reporting demands alone are daunting and seem unending. Add to this a complex regulatory framework and ever increasing ‘accountability’ and you begin to get some idea of the challenging environment of global higher education.

Student Success is now the main focus of both external and internal stakeholders. Getting this key area right is a real win: win for HEIs and students. Student Success as a discipline is nothing new. But it is only in the last 5 years that there has been such a focus on it. Student Success offers a tangible KPI to assess HEIs’ performance. Both against their peers and the sector as a whole. Today’s students will enter an ever more competitive and uncertain employment market. The key metrics of Student Success are graduate outcomes today.

HEI’s gather huge amounts of data on their student’s performance participation and progression. These inform many internal and external stakeholders for statutory and other reporting requirements. Collecting the respective data is often the easy part. Giving the data context and making sense of it is the real challenge.

Periodic reporting to external stakeholders make this easier to manage. HEI’s can timetable the production of monthly, term and annual statistics and reports. New business units emerge to deliver on the stringent requirements of specific stakeholders. This itself can, in turn, create even more challenges when it comes to using and sharing key data; the ‘silo effect’.

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