St. Mary’s University Twickenham partners with SEAtS for a smarter campus

St Mary’s University is one of London’s top Universities for student experience. Today, St Mary’s have announced that they have partnered with SEAtS Software. SEAtS powerful data science analytics will offer new insights into student engagement patterns. SEAtS Case Management will provide the tools to promote successful student outcomes. The software will go live for 4,600 full-time and part-time students.

The partnership will enable St Mary’s tutors to track a range of data sources from across the campus. Data collected and analysed includes class attendance, online activity, assignments and much more. SEAtS Personal Tutor Dashboard visualise each student’s engagement with the University.

SEAtS early alert workflows push real-time alerts and notifications to students and staff. Early Alerts actions trigger when statistical scores meet or exceed defined levels. Reminders for next action dates are also delivered to each staff member’s inbox. SEAtS will help drive retention, engagement, attendance and attainment across the campus.

The SEAtS platform connects with a large number of campus systems at St Mary’s University. These include Student Records, Celcat Timetabling and the Virtual Learning Environment. Data can be on-boarded from over 100 campus digital services.


The Challenges

St Mary’s always looks out for new ways to enhance student experience and attainment. St Mary’s identified the need to find a suitable student engagement solution.


The Vendor Selection Process

St Mary’s wanted a solution that could deploy fast, was easy to use and understand. The system also needed to grow and adapt with St Mary’s needs. Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud procurement framework fast-tracked vendor short-listing using these criteria.


St Mary’s chose the SEAtS Student Success Platform. SEAtS had the features, integrations and track record to handle a fast-track deployment. An easy transition was key. The University was also transitioning to a new student record system at the time.


Key Benefits for St Marys

According to St Mary, deploying SEAtS will deliver the following benefits:

  • Better academic performance due to comprehensive engagement for students
  • Improved student retention due to early warning of “at-risk” students which leads to strengthening pastoral care
  • Improved student experience and satisfaction
  • Comprehensive Management Information
About SEAtS

SEAtS provide an innovative platform for students, academics and staff in order to focus efforts on achieving better student engagement, retention and overall experience, leading to improved academic achievement and outcomes. SEAtS Analytics makes sense of the volume of data collected across campus at every possible student touch-point in real time, flags students who need help, and delivers timely intervention for better outcomes.