Summer Updates are here

SEAtS New Features

Our development team have been hard at work this summer at SEAtS HQ.

Whether you’re an existing SEAtS user or you want to find out more about the No.1 Student Success Platform, we’ve got a collection of exciting updates to share.

What’s new?
  • Student Dashboard
  • Spatial Dashboard
  • Personalised Dashboard
Student Dashboard performance

Every second counts when it comes to delivering data when you need it. Load times have been vastly improved across the platform, delivering student data faster then you can say “student data”!

We’re expanding the student screen to deliver custom reporting and dashboarding functionality.

The table has been expanded to include additional, customizable columns, for displaying various engagement metrics and case information.

New & greatly improved set of filters is available, including the ability to perform ranged filtering across engagement metrics. Cases can now be opened directly from this screen, and engaged with directly on the student profile page.

Visual Charts have been added to display Attendance, Submissions, Grades metrics (both current, and time-series). These charts are responsive to the filters.

SEAtS Visual Charts
Spatial Dashboard

We’ve created a brand new dashboard for performing highly versatile & detailed analysis on the use of space across a university.

Our most versatile dataset to date; users can choose between viewing data from an organizational perspective (comparing schools/courses/modules), or a spatial perspective (comparing sites/buildings/rooms).

Results and key metrics are visualized in responsive visual charts.

Space Utilisation in Higher Education
Personalised Dashboard

SEAtS has a wide range of powerful filters and metrics to choose from. The custom filters, custom columns, and visualisation charts available in both the new Students & Spatial Dashboards can now be easily stored and reloaded as “Custom States”.

Build your personalised dashboard today!

SEAtS custom state

Did you see our Spring updates?

  • New Mobile App
  • Custom Fields
  • Personalised Email Templates
  • Data Permissions
  • Lightening fast user experience
  • Build your own workflows