October Coming Soon

SEAtS Coming Soon

It’s been a busy autumn here at SEAtS as we continue to work towards some big improvements for the holiday season. Put simply, we cannot wait to show you what is coming. So….drum roll please!!!

Coming Soon
  • Student now have access to their engagement activity statistics on their Mobile App
  • Workflows build and test faster than ever before!
Big changes to Student Mobile App

Up to now, SEAtS has provided faculty staff with the necessary data to pinpoint students in need of intervention.  But what if students had access to their own data to motivate positive behaviour?

Introducing our new analytics feature, students will be able view a comprehensive picture of their engagement. This includes stats, charts and timelines displaying submissions and grades data, library & VLE activity, total engagement scores; as well as historical timeseries charts showing how student activity changes over time.

By empowering students with their own engagement data, students can proactively measure their own success.

Build workflows faster

The new workflow engine will massively increase the functionality of workflows, and give users far more configuration power to define more complex workflows based on a wider set of inputs, and with a wider set of automated actions.

Most importantly, the UI has been refined so the process of creating these workflows is much easier and faster.

Did you see our Summer feature updates?

NEW Student Dashboard with new filters

NEW Spatial Dashboard for space utilisation

NEW Personalised Dashboard with custom reports