October Updates

SEAtS is constantly being updated and improved to make student engagement even easier.

Whether you’re an existing SEAtS user or you want to find out more about the No.1 Student Success Platform, we’ve got a collection of exciting updates to share.

What’s new?
  • Full calendar entry on hover
  • Export directly from actions “+” button
  • Export selected items only
Full calendar entry on hover

Frustrated by having to click into each calendar entry for detailed information?

Save time by simply hovering your mouse over the calendar entry and instantly view full details of any calendar entry.

Export directly from actions “+” button

SEAtS strives to make it as easy as possible to export data. And that means spending less time clicking.

Using the action screen, you can now export directly saving you 3 clicks. Every click counts!

Warning message shown when changing workflow stage

A warning message is now shown when moving students’s stage on a workflow.

This will notify the user that open cases not associated with the new stage will be closed.

New feature change workflow stage

Did you see our September feature updates?

NEW GDPR user access

NEW Student Notes

NEW User account audit log