New features for March

April Updates

SEAtS continues to add new functionality. This month sees the introduction of a mandatory/non-mandatory attendance graphical filter, a new status column for at-a-glance student updates, additional functionality to email, and the addition of a Higher Apprenticeship study level.

New Feature: Filter graphs to include Mandatory or non-mandatory events

Student attendance graphs have been bolstered by the ability to include or exclude non-mandatory timetable events.

Now you can chose what view you prefer for a more detailed attendance view from the student dashboard.

Mandatory vs non-mandatory attendance calculation
Status Column update

New Feature: Status Column

SEAtS is constantly striving to make it easier to access relevant student data efficiently.

This month sees the introduction of a “Status” column showing the most recent status update for each student. This removes the need to click into each student dashboard to view the status of that student. It also means that when filtering a particular cohort of student, you can quickly cross-reference student data with the most recent status update.

New Feature: Additional Study Levels

Additional study levels have been added to allow for more refined reporting capabilities including:

  • Higher Apprenticeship
  • Pre Registration Nursing
  • Initial Teacher Education
Study Level additions
Email cc and bcc added

New feature: To, Cc & Bcc fields added 

Keeping everyone on the same page is critical to nurturing student success.

Sending an email across the SEAtS platform has now been aligned to provide To, Cc, and Bcc fields to the student screen, student details screen and case details screen.