Online Engagement at your fingertips

Do you know how your students are reacting to the move to remote learning?

Capture online attendance from a range of 3rd party solutions like Zoom and identify students who need help. SEAtS also provides an option for students to raise their hand when seeking student support.

New Feature: Raise your hand

“Raise your hand” provides students a direct channel to student services. Schedule an online student advisor meeting with additional information options for a streamlined student support management system.

Institutions can organise inbound requests by severity, or requested date and open a case immediately on a single dashboard.

Online student attendance

New Feature: Capture Online Lecture Attendance 

SEAtS has expanded its attendance capabilities to include the ability to capture online lecture attendance.

With several integration options, institutions can find out when a student attends an online lecture, and use SEAtS workflows to identify student who are not attending classes for targeted interventions.