June Updates

Our development team has been working hard to bring you innovative updates around powerful reporting capabilities, efficient coordination of teaching space capacity, and seamless remote learning integrations.

For more information on these exciting new features, please contact your assigned Project Manager or contact our experienced sales specialists by emailing [email protected]

New Feature: SEAtS Spotlight

Introducing SEAtS Spotlight, an advanced data filtering tool that shifts the focus from the individual to the collective.

Analyse student data by each school, course or module, develop a transparent campus view and make data-driven decisions that drives student success.

New Feature: Unleash the Power of Tags 

Tags provide powerful filter and report capabilities for any group of students.

Go beyond course, school or module,  and use SEAtS Tags to group any number of students all at once.

Use Tags for HESA data, visa compliance reporting or specific students associated with a personal tutor. Unleash the power of Tags and start building your personal reports today.

New Feature: COVID19 Room Management

What capacity are your lecture halls operating in line with current social distancing measures?

With SEAtS Space Utilisation, you can easily access the capacity for each room, seating efficiency and the occupancy rate. Attendance in each class will provide the data needed to make the appropriate changes to maximise space utilisation as social distancing measures change.

Coming Soon: Find us on Microsoft Teams

SEAtS will soon be easily accessible within Microsoft Teams by simply downloading the app.

Students can access their calendar, record an absence, or schedule a meeting with their lecturer using SEATS and all within Microsoft Teams for seamless integration.

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