July Updates

Our development team has been working hard to bring you innovative updates around powerful room occupancy tools, online engagement features, and efficient absence management.

For more information on these exciting new features, please contact your assigned Project Manager or contact our experienced engagement specialists by emailing [email protected]

New Feature: SEAtS Space Utilisation

Introducing SEAtS Space Utilisation dashboard, an advanced room occupancy tool that puts the science into managing teaching spaces.

The powerful filtering engine lets you view data by space (Sites, buildings, rooms) or by organisation (School, course, module). Compare analysis by day and time, or simply search for unused scheduled rooms. Strengthen room management and make data-driven decisions with SEAtS Space Utilisation.

Seats Space Utilisation
Embed online learning resources

New Feature: Embed multimedia online learning resources

Share any audio or video online learning resources link directly from the student calendar. Looking to share a live or recorded URL with students? Simply add a link to the timetabled class for efficient student access.

And with SEAtS Media player, students can open these files in SEAtS to minimise distraction. Once you go browser, you never go back!

New Feature: Capture engagement from all online learning resources

Audio or video file. Live or recorded. SEAtS eAttend lets you capture student engagement regardless of the format of online learning resources for efficient student management.

Whether it is a live class webinar or a recorded Youtube link, SEAtS captures the recency, frequency, and duration of each student interaction. Identify students with low engagement and initiate student outreach.

Student online attendance
Student Absence Report

New Feature: Absence request with a mandatory comment

Approving student absence requests could not be easier with SEAtS. With mandatory comments, you can approve or deny requests immediately, or open a dialogue to further discuss the request.

And because each absence request is recorded, you can review historical requests to monitor patterns with one click. Students gain confidence in knowing that faculty care when requests are actioned efficiently.

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