September Updates

Our development team has been working hard to bring you innovative updates around powerful room occupancy tools, supercharged search capabilities, and COVID19 contact track and trace reporting.

For more information on these exciting new features, please contact your assigned Project Manager or contact our experienced engagement specialists by emailing [email protected]

New Feature: Temperature Tags

SEAtS Thermal Scanners are the first line of defense against the spread of COVID19 on campus. Scans take less than 1 second, with built-in prompts reminding students who are not wearing masks to do so.

Temperature tags are recorded digitally against the profile of all students based on their results; normal temperature or high temperature. Administrators can filter by these tags to efficiently identify students with a high temperate,  and follow up with quarantine advice, or campus health and safety guidelines with next steps.

To order your thermal devices, please contact your assigned Project Manager or email [email protected] for more information.

SEAtS Temperature Tags
Change Room Capacity

New Feature: Manage room capacity at the timetable level

Timetables are a fluid entity in the early stages of a new academic year. Students jump from one course to another, there are room resource restrictions and, of course, room capacity obligations based on social distancing. These are just some of the challenges facing timetable management.

With SEAtS update, administrators/tutors can edit the capacity of a room at the timetable level directly from the SEAtS dashboard for efficient management of room capacities. The room capacity changes cascade throughout all scheduled classes, notifying administrators of classes that may no longer accommodate all students. Check out “Reserve a Seat“, a solution which lets students reserve limited physical seats, and move the rest to online access.

New Feature: Multi-select Filtering

SEAtS prides itself on delivering a user experience that intuitively serves you the data you need. SEAtS contains a wealth of student data, that can be filtered in numerous ways. That is why we have introduced multi-select filtering to quickly serve you the data you need.

The student screen and activity timeline have been updated to allow multiple selections where available. We have introduced two types of multi-select filters to suit your needs.

The scrollable filter lets you choose fields as you scroll through the list. The searchable filter lets you search for results multiple times with selected fields shown at the top. Transform how you target your data with SEATS Multi-Select Filters.

SEAtS Multi-Select
Space Utilisation by the hour

New Feature: Space Utilisation by the hour

SEAtS Space Utilisation is changing the way institutions manage their teaching spaces, and liberating underutilized space. All at a time when social distancing is squeezing every campus.

Level up each teaching space with our new space utilization chart that gives an hourly breakdown. The hourly utilization shows attendance, absence, unscheduled seats, and unscheduled rooms as percentages for hours that space was in use. The hourly breakdowns are combined into a total utilization bar, showing the totals of each metric.

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