Back to Campus Updates 2020

SEAtS have worked closely with our customers and partners to deliver tools to help make getting back to campus safer and less stressful for all in this New Normal.

This update features the much anticipated COVID-19  Rapid Contact identification and notification track and trace tools. We also feature the latest automated C19 early alert workflow powered by temperature filter checks that syncs to SEAtS Fever Recognition devices.

For more information on these exciting new features, please contact your assigned Project Manager or contact our experienced engagement specialists by emailing [email protected]

New Feature: Contact Track & Trace

Create immediate contact track and trace reports for students impacted by a reported case of C-19. Notify affected students immediately via SMS and Email.

Mitigate campus transmission immediately with temperature devices at campus entry points. Identify students who have a temperature and immediately search for all students who have shared a teaching space. Email or text all students in the course, or only students who attended classes in a specific time period leading.

Student Contact Track and Trace
Space Utilisation by the hour

New Feature: Space Utilisation by the hour

SEAtS Space Utilisation is changing the way institutions manage their teaching spaces, and liberating underutilized space. All at a time when social distancing is squeezing every campus.

Level up each teaching space with our new space utilization chart that gives an hourly breakdown. The hourly utilization shows attendance, absence, unscheduled seats, and unscheduled rooms as percentages for hours that space was in use. The hourly breakdowns are combined into a total utilization bar, showing the totals of each metric.

New Feature: Temperature Tags

SEAtS Thermal Scanners are the first line of defense against the spread of COVID19 on campus. Scans take less than 1 second, with built-in prompts reminding students who are not wearing masks to do so.

Temperature tags are recorded digitally against the profile of all students based on their results; normal temperature or high temperature. Administrators can filter by these tags to efficiently identify students with a high temperate,  and follow up with quarantine advice, or campus health and safety guidelines with next steps.

To order your thermal devices, please contact your assigned Project Manager or email [email protected] for more information.

SEAtS Temperature Tags

New Feature: Manage room capacity at the timetable level

Timetables are a fluid entity in the early stages of a new academic year. Students jump from one course to another, there are room resource restrictions and, of course, room capacity obligations based on social distancing. These are just some of the challenges facing timetable management.

With SEAtS update, administrators/tutors can edit the capacity of a room at the timetable level directly from the SEAtS dashboard for efficient management of room capacities. The room capacity changes cascade throughout all scheduled classes, notifying administrators of classes that may no longer accommodate all students.

New Feature: Reserve A Seat

A big challenge in the upcoming academic year is how to assign students to online and physical classes. With a scheduled class of 150, and physical room capacity set at 75, the obvious approach would be to alternative online and physical classes between the students. However, there will be students who do not wish to attend any physical classes which bring a level of complexity.

SEAtS resolves this using a Request a Seat feature whereby students are offered a physical seat up to the capacity on a first come first serve basis. For room efficiency, students can release the seat they have booked if they change their mind which then goes back into a round-robin system to maximise physical room attendance.

Reserve seat on app
Student online attendance

New Feature: Capture Hybrid Engagement

SEAtS powerful online engagement solution eAttend captures attendance, as well as student engagement from synchronous and asynchronous resources for a complete picture of student engagement.

Do you use Zoom, Teams, WebEx, or an LMS solution to manage online classes? Perhaps you use a combination of all of the above? With eAttend, you can capture any live or recorded classes from any source.

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