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Yesterday marked the release of A-Level results for hundreds of thousands of students across the UK. Now many students wait to see if they were accepted into their desired course or perhaps, look at alternatives through Clearing. Either way, many Universities, FE Colleges and Apprenticeship programs will be accepting thousands of new students this autumn.

Following the release of A-Level results, the Office for Students called on Universities to ensure students are well supported when they begin their new courses. 


Universities and colleges should be ready to support incoming students and provide them with the ... support necessary ... We expect all universities to ensure students are able to achieve their full potential.

John BlakeDirector for Fair Access and Participation

Ucas, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service announced that 46,850 students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds have been accepted, an increase of 3,770 on 2019. The significance of this is that these students may need further support during their time at University. 

Widening Participation throughout Education

Previous figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) have shown that disadvantaged students are more likely to drop out of university in their first year compared to their more advantaged peers. With record numbers of students from disadvantaged backgrounds gaining places in University this year, it’s crucial that education providers focus on supporting these students and ensuring their success throughout their time there. 

To improve student retention, institutions need systems in place to alert staff when students are in need of support. HEI’s should implement effective attendance monitoring and engagement analytics software to support incoming students, provide opportunities for early intervention, improve student’s academic outcomes. With the help of innovative technology designed to aid each student on their education journey from day one, Universities can ensure that each of their incoming students are on the road to success. 

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