Activity Dashboard

SEAtS provides the ability to view each activity generated manually or automatically for each student. From attendance and grades, to library visits and submissions, SEAtS lets you see how the student has been interacting with the faculty.

Student Attendance Activity


View all activities in real-time

Understanding the progress of a student means knowing who they are, what they do, how they are doing it and where they are relative to their class peers. SEAtS goes beyond basic student data and lets you view every interaction the student has had with the faculty. While attendance provides a foundation for student progress, student interactions lets you understand how the student is developing and measure productivity.

Communication Hub

SEAtS simplifies communication by allowing users to send communications directly from the SEAtS Platform. Whiel templates are provided, a user can create their own communication like an email or letter. Each of these communications is stored directly in the student profile for efficient student management.

Add Attachments

While basic information for each student can be easily monitored, engagement with a student can leave a paper-trial. This paper trail can often be left in multiple locations. With SEAtS, any interaction can be recorded with the added peace of mind of attaching an file. Historical data can be easily understood with access to historical documents relative to each interaction.

Calendar View

View each student’s calendar by day, week or month for a timeline of activities and interactions. Add, remove or modify information from the calendar screen within the student’s profile for efficient management.

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