AI Engagement Score

Physical data like class attendance and library visits are interwoven with digital data from timetables, socio-demographic profiles and historic attainment to understand how a student learns. The result is a personalised view of engagement, retention and achievement for every student.

Predictive Analytics bell curve


Progress at a Glance

Is it possible to define students engagement with one score? Here at SEAtS, we have spent 5 years trying to answer that question. And the answer is a resounding YES! On there own, student attendance, or grades provide a reasonable measure of student success. However, bring them together and suddenly they offer a far greater understanding. But that is not all, take in peer scores, socio-demographic data and historical data from previous years and suddenly you can see how students are progressing today, and where they will be in one or 2 months time. Student success is about helping students before it is too late and with an AI Engagement score, faculty can make an immediate impact on students who are struggling.

The Big Picture

The power of AI is in its ability to make sense of big data, far beyond what we as humans are capable of. While much of what we know about AI has been in the realm of science fiction, new tools have made it possible to build systems with AI as a key feature. SEAtS have long understood the potential of AI and we are very proud of what we have achieved. Analytics answers the questions you know to ask, AI answers questions you have yet to ask.

Where to next?