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Attendance Online

Attendance is the primary indicator of how likely a student is to succeed. Here at SEAtS, we work with institutions around the world to deliver attendance reports from a range of remote learning solutions including VLE video capture, and third party solutions. Act on behavioral changes for efficient student interventions with SEAtS.

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How can you record student attendance online?


A recent SEAtS survey found that 72% of institutions are using Zoom and or Microsoft Teams. Other tools mentioned include Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts, Brightspace, and Blackboard Collaborate.


Take Action

Early insights lets faculty view a range of attendance metrics. These metrics can show patterns relating to online lectures, online class engagement and more. Understanding why a student is underperforming can lead to commonalities amongst a group which can be actioned with evidence.

View Patterns

Isolated data makes it difficult to ascertain why a student is not progressing. However, one month’s worth of data can be telling as to why a student is not progressing. Added to the wider peer data in their class, and suddenly patterns can emerge. Critical insights mean that faculty can begin engagement and put the student on track for student success.

Plan for the Future

Automating communications relieve faculty of a huge amount of admin tasks so they can spend more time on building strong relationships with at-risk students. The frequency to which a student is automatically engaged with can be altered to suit any issue.

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