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Simplify sign on with integration to Microsoft Azure Active Directory

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Use Microsoft Azure Active Directory with SEAtS

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Simplify SEAtS user access and security with integration to Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. Microsoft and SEAtS worked closely together to integrate SEAtS with Azure Active Directory to help you better manage the cost and complexity of password security in your organization.

Key Features

  • Single sign on – Sign on to or sign up for SEAtS using your work credentials authenticated to Azure Active Directory.

  • Office 365 app launcher – Launch SEAtS from a single point of access in Office 365 alongside all apps you use daily.

  • IT control – SEAtS administrators can optionally require all account members to authenticate using company credentials via Azure Active Directory.

How to get it:

Contact your SEAtS representative to learn more about using SEAtS with Microsoft Active Directory. Alternatively click the link below.

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