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Ensure Student Engagement in Online and Hybrid Learning

Blended Learning Software

What is blended learning?

Blended, or hybrid, learning is a teaching method that integrates technology and digital media with traditional classroom activities. Hybrid learning gives students more flexibility to customise their learning experiences.

Be in a position to effectively offer blended teaching and learning to students. Don’t lose visibility over online student engagement. Implement a solution that integrates with your existing LMS and other legacy systems.

Want to implement a complete blended learning solution?

If you are planning student engagement strategies for online learning or looking to effectively monitor online student engagement, SEAtS Education Suite provides a complete hybrid teaching solution to maximise student engagement in online learning.

Student Scheduling Software

SEAtS Scheduler

Simplify the planning of blended learning classes with all the tools you need to import, update, and create new classes. Quickly populate a semester of classes with pre-populated Microsoft Teams/Zoom links. Schedule work experience, placements, or student internships. Deliver personalised timetables to students.

Reduce the time it takes to create and share academic timetables from 2 weeks to 1 day. Improve campus management instantly as lecturers and students no longer need to contact faculty about their attendance and timetable. It is now available on their smartphone.

Student Attendance Management | Blended Learning

SEAtS eAttend App

Let students view their class schedule and record their attendance for each class. Allow faculty to push notifications directly to their students’ device.

SEAtS has increased clients’ student attendance by 8% in the first semester after implementation. Guarantee your students completely embrace their new attendance program by providing them with an intuitive mobile app.

Learning Analytics solution for Art School

Lead Indicators Dashboard

Give educators the visibility to assess a student’s likelihood to succeed using a range of online engagement criteria. Alert behavioural changes and reach out for timely interventions.

SEAtS Student Engagement Analytics customers have seen an 11% increase in student achievement/ progression for students who received student support. Grant your faculty the visibility to effectively analyse.

Early Warning System software

Case Management & Early Alert

SEAtS puts everything related to each student’s success in one place for advisors and other stakeholders. With institution-wide adoption of a single solution to procure all student and faculty data, you’ll achieve full visibility and control of your campus.

SEAtS has helped clients achieve a 3% increase in overall student attendance each year, for three consecutive academic years. Streamline student outreach for better outcomes.

Customer Success Stories | Blended Learning Case Studies

SEAtS Customer Success Stories


Read about our hybrid learning software solutions in action. Browse, read, and download our case studies to see how SEAtS work with customers to maximise student success outcomes.