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Higher Education institutions generate huge amounts of student engagement data that can assist in providing much needed insights. Unfortunately, data is often stored separately in each department and in a variety of campus systems. Data silos result in a duplication of data, processes and costs – all of which affect an institution’s success. Campus integration with SEAtS means all of your existing systems talk to each other.

Higher education data integration

Start connecting your campus technology

SEAtS Student Success Platform makes sense of the metrics that matter. By integrating SEAtS with current campus technology, institutions can pull data from all systems into one place. Higher education professionals get an accurate picture of each student’s academic engagement.

The benefits of campus integration

  • All departments are on the same page.
  • Data can be pushed back into each system for efficient data management.
  • Mirror real-life student engagement on campus and online.
  • Visibility over student academic progression.
  • Make data-driven decisions on any cohort of students.
  • Improve case management and overall student retention.
  • Deliver better student outcomes.

Learning Management System Integrations

For Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, and more…

earning Management System Integration - Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas

Student Information System Integrations

For Unit 4, Ellucian, Capita, and more…

Student Information System Integration - Campus Integration - Unit 4, Ellucian, Capita

Timetable System Integrations

For Scientia, Celcat, and more…

Timetable System Integration - Campus Integration - Scientia, Celcat

Microsoft Integrations

For Office 365 and Microsoft Teams…

Microsoft Integration - Office 365, Microsoft Teams

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