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Drive campus efficiencies with space utilisation.

Maximise the potential of your existing space. Measure the efficiency of your timetables using live space utilisation metrics, from expected attendance against actual footfall data. Identify times to improve campus sustainability using hourly utilisation to reduce heating and lighting output. Eliminate the need for physical room audits.

empty lecture hall - space utilisation solution

How campus space utilisation works

Feed student and faculty location data into one place. Mirror footfall on campus in an easy to understand space utilisation dashboard with live metrics.

student attendance capture methods - space utilisation solution

Capture Location Data

Wherever learning happens, choose from a variety of attendance capture solutions to provide proof of presence. Give timetable managers accurate data insights to inform their scheduling. Easily distinguish between in-person and virtual student attendance for accurate space utilisation reports.

Monitor Hourly Usage

Create a map to your campus sustainability goals. Surface wasted light and heat energy in underutilised rooms. Provide campus staff with exact times that rooms are no longer in use. Measure the effect of blended learning on your campus and what it means for your existing space.

Space Utilisation dashboard - hourly attendance
space utilisation dashboard - advanced filters

Make Data-Driven Decisions

View occupancy and utilisation metrics by campus, building, and room. Drill down to pinpoint areas where the efficiency of academic timetables could be improved. Inform estate planning for room functionality changes with utilisation metrics that highlight wasted space.

Manage space in real-time

Leveraging Campus Network Infrastructure to Deliver on the Promise of Location Services


Real-time location data and safety alerts.


Live space and resource management.


Reduce your campus’ carbon footprint.

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Building Management Insights

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Enjoy a smooth onboarding phase

Work closely with SEAtS onboarding team to easily and securely get all student and campus data into one unifying platform.

Ensure user adoption

Benefit from SEAtS experience and strategies for boosting adoption rates in student, staff, and faculty users to start seeing improvements quickly.

Work as a team

Continue to work with SEAtS customer success team, providing you with regular training and consultancy to help your institution achieve its goals.
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The benefits of space utilisation

Optimised space management improves learning and work experiences for students, faculty, and staff.

claim a seat in class - space utilisation solution

For Students

Give students ownership over their learning

Students can choose how they would like to attend their classes. They can either claim a seat in physical class or attend virtually, with attendance captured for both.

Provide students with a safe space to learn

Easily manage room capacities for safe distance teaching. Through the student mobile app, students receive real-time safety alerts with advisory next steps.

Deliver personalised timetables to students

Find out how and when students learn. Couple that data with background student information to deliver individual timetables. For example, commuter students may need to have asynchronous online classes to coincide with their travel schedules.

For Faculty

Create a seamless teaching experience

Allow educators to focus on teaching. Remove unnecessary administration associated with running a class. Faculty can operate a real-time attendance register that differentiates between in-person and online student attendance.

Keep faculty up to date

Send real-time notifications of schedule changes direct to faculty smartphones. Reduce the risk of missed class time due to poor communication.

Give them the resources they need

Measure expected attendance versus actual footfall data to optimise class timetables. Pair rooms with resources so that educators have the equipment they need in the right space.

real-time student attendance register - space utilisation solution
space filtering - space utilisation solution

For Staff

Give timetabling staff more data to work from

Let your scheduling staff measure the effect of blended learning on their timetables. Reduce wasted space by moving blended learning class from lecture halls to smaller classrooms with online attendance options.

Help estate management staff make decisions

Estates staff can optimise existing space using real-time footfall data. Easily identify overused and underutilised space and make data-driven changes to your campus.

Exceed your campus sustainability targets

By optimising timetables based off actual footfall data, you can easily surface times to reduce your light and heat output in wasted space.

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