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Charter Oak support their academic advisors.

See how Charter Oak State College capture student attendance data, surface student engagement issues, and provide timely support.

Charter Oak State College Campus

SEAtS positively impacts the success rates of our students by improving retention and graduation rates, which have significant implications for both the students and the institution.

Jennifer WashingtonRegistrar

Saves time

Automated workflows do the heavy lifting.

Reduces paper waste

No need for paper based student attendance.

Supports students

Proactively identify students with low engagement.

Generates compliance reports

Fulfil financial aid reporting obligations.

The prestigious Charter Oak State College chose SEAtS Software to deploy its student success platform. Charter Oak is Connecticut’s public online college offering master’s, bachelor’s and associate degree programs for adults. The college was established in 1973 by the Connecticut legislature and is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and by the Connecticut Board of Governors for Higher Education.

The Challenge

Charter Oak has always prided itself on the quality of academic advising they offer their students. In order to make the most of this service, they needed a student success solution that would do the heavy lifting identifying students that are in need of support.

Track attendance and student performance in order to establish early alert systems for rapid intervention.

The Solution

SEAtS Software combines their products to form a single platform solution with live attendance monitoring and reporting, targeted student support, and automated communications for better outcomes.

  • SEAtS Attend – is captured using the SEAtS student mobile app connected to iBeacon’s located in each class. Students simply click a button on their mobile app and the iBeacon confirms their attendance. Lecturers have the option to manually attend students if necessary.
  • SEAtS Alert – notifies faculty when student engagement in their studies drop or change suddenly so the student support team can reach out as soon as possible.
  • SEAtS Retain – streamlines student case management by giving academic advisors one secure place to store student information, manage cases, and distribute communications.

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SEAtS provide us with a tool to enhance our advising process by providing us with up-to-date information on student course activity and student learning patterns, thus allowing us to be even more proactive.

Dr. Shirley AdamsProvost
Dip in student activity represented in a graph on the student profile

The Impact

The biggest impact for Charter Oak following the successful implementation of the SEAtS Education Success Management platform is the time saved. Academic advisors now spend less time searching for students in need of support and more time advising them.

SEAtS paperless attendance registers has improved class efficiencies with no time wasted passing around attendance sheets, or calling a roll.

Another benefit that wasn’t expected from the initial solution spec was that the attendance reports generated from SEAtS exceeded requirements for financial aid reporting.

What are you waiting for?

Charter Oak saved time and effort with SEAtS Attend, Retain and Alert. You can, too.