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University of Hull embrace digital innovation.

See how University of Hull capture student attendance, provide early alerts for students with low engagement, and generate Tier IV compliance reports.

University of Hull Campus

SEAtS platform unlocks the insights we need to deliver critical early interventions. We are alerted to students that may benefit from extra support and advice, enabling the right staff to intervene at the right time and deliver a successful outcome for the student and University.

Jeannette StrachanUniversity Registrar & Secretary

Connects campus systems

Collect siloed student data from alien systems.

Reduces paper waste

No need for paper based student attendance.

Supports students

Proactively identify students with low engagement.

Automates compliance reporting

Fulfils Tier IV Visa and immigration reporting requirements.

The University of Hull was founded in 1927 – originally as University College Hull. The University now has more than 16,000 students and around 2,500 employees, including more than 1,000 academic staff. As England’s 14th-oldest university, the institution has a proud heritage of academic excellence, and a history of creating and inspiring life-changing research.

The University of Hull selected SEAtS Software to underpin the University’s student retention, engagement and compliance processes, to ensure the best possible student experience and outcomes.

The Challenge

BREXIT, Increased Competition, The NSS, TEF, UKVI and other environmental challenges are driving a new approach to student engagement and success. The University of Hull needed to embrace digital innovation to adapt to these changes. The University had aligned its professional services to support student engagement and transition and needed a dynamic information system to support students and staff.

The Solution

The solution uses automated business process workflows to push alerts to students and staff based on statistical scores calculated from historic and real-time campus data feeds. SEAtS has the capability to drive retention, engagement, attendance, compliance and attainment across the campus.

These processes are designed to engage and support students. They also assure compliance and drive achievement levels through proactive early intervention. Student presence is captured using touch terminals that work with existing student ID cards.

SEAtS Compliance Cloud automates Tier 4 visa and immigration compliance obligations with audited workflows. This delivers accurate timely reporting for UKVI and other stakeholders, providing a consistent approach to measuring student engagement, persistence and retention.

The SEAtS platform will connect with many campus systems at The University of Hull including the SITS Student Record System, Scientia Timetabling and Canvas Virtual Learning Environment.

The university and SEAtS have partnered to deliver this exciting project, and the project team are deploying SEAtS powerful predictive analytics and data science software.

Professor Alan Speight
Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education

The platform will enable University Staff and Students to use student engagement information to enhance student outcomes & experience, and enhance student retention and academic attainment.

Professor Alan SpeightPro Vice-Chancellor for Education
student engagement score, data and metrics

The Impact

The biggest impact for the University following the implementation of SEAtS has been the time saved for students and staff.

Lecturers no longer need to pass a paper attendance sheet around during class, saving at least 10mins from each class and the added distraction that comes with it.

Student support services no longer need to chase lecturers for updates on specific student engagement. Instead, SEAtS Alert proactively identifies students with low engagement so faculty can quickly reach out and offer support.

Tier IV Visa and Immigration compliance reporting is now an automated process using a powerful workflow engine.

The system automates attendance monitoring on campus, creating significant time and cost benefits, but the real power of the SEAtS System lies in its ability to enable real-time analysis of a range of student engagement signals to derive each student’s individual engagement profile.

Professor Alan Speight
Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education

What are you waiting for?

University of Hull saved time and effort with SEAtS Schedule, Attend and Alert. You can, too.