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Western Iowa Tech streamline student retention strategies.

See how Western Iowa Tech Community College capture and report on student attendance and performance, as well as provide early alerts for students with low engagement.

Western Iowa Tech Community College Campus

This program has allowed us to become even more innovative in the way we embrace technology across campus. Streamlining this process means we are making better use of classroom time. The data we receive from SEAtS allows us to uncover trends about our students. This helps us to make decisions college-wide that increase student success.

Terry MurrellPresident

Student check-in

Students use the SEAtS Mobile App to check-in to class.

Supports students

Proactively identify students with low engagement.

Everyone’s on the same page

Advisors and instructors will receive up-to-date intervention prompts.

Make data-driven decisions

Inform strategic decision making with real-time dashboards and reports.

Western Iowa Tech Community College (WITCC), is a comprehensive community college with five campuses in north-western Iowa. The institution offers associate degree and certificate programs and was founded in 1966. Their mission is to provide quality education and to economically enhance the communities they serve.

The Challenge

An out-of-the-box solution would not meet the requirements of the community college. They needed to find an EdTech vendor that was willing to work with them developing a student retention solution based around their needs.

WITCC chose SEAtS to tackle two of their biggest challenges;
• The need to track attendance and student performance.
• To embed an early alert system for rapid interventions.

The Solution

SEAtS can drive the success and graduation rates of WITCC students. Better retention and graduation rates will create significant implications for the college reputation. In order to meet specific requirements, SEAtS developed a custom student success solution for WITCC through collaboration.

WITCC wanted to automate attendance to improve predictive analytics on student success factors. We searched for a company who believed in partnering with us. We wanted a solution with minimal impact on instructors and students time. SEAtS representatives and programmers worked with us for almost a year. They tailored their solution to deliver on a shared vision of student success. They are a firm who understands that we both have a stake in the successful use of the outcome of our efforts. This was one of the most productive and enjoyable projects I’ve ever worked on.

Mike Logan, Dean of Information Technology

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My experience was that students were totally accepting of the new attendance program. Nobody groused at adding it to their phone or in needing to check in. Students have been pretty good about remembering to check in without being prompted.

Rhonda BriggsFaculty Member
check into in-person classes via student mobile app

The Impact

Western Iowa Tech Community College takes pride in the quality of their academic advising. Running on SEAtS Education Success Management platform gives them the tools to enhance their advertising process. Advisors and Instructors receive up-to-date intervention prompts. These critical insights on course activity and learning patterns drive proactive advising for better overall student experiences and outcomes.

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Western Iowa Tech Community College saved time and effort with SEAtS Attend and Alert. You can, too.