Conestoga College

The Situation

Conestoga College has partnered with SEAtS to deliver powerful student engagement software to further drive its commitment to continuous improvement and success. With over 23,000 students, Conestoga is a leader in polytechnic education and one of Ontario’s fastest growing colleges.

The partnership will enable Conestoga College to systematically capture student attendance data, providing a richer and more comprehensive view of how students are connecting to the campus community through class attendance. SEAtS automated workflows will alert staff members of students who are “at-risk”, allowing staff to respond with interventions that will help students achieve their academic and personal goals.

Using the latest mobile technology, students will have access to their attendance records on their smartphone which will provide a proactive approach to maintaining the highest standards.

SEAtS will assist in managing student data by integrating both their SIS and timetabling systems to provide a single dashboard for student success.

The Challenges

Conestoga is committed to continuous improvement and success. Mission-critical to this success is classroom attendance. Students who attend class engage more fully with their classmates and faculty. They are able to build relationships that can support them both academically and socially. The objective was to find a solution that would help support student engagement and success in a transparent, and highly automated manner. Customization with Conestoga’s systems environment was also important.

The Vendor Selection Process

Conestoga chose SEAtS because of their global experience in the postsecondary sector and the great customer service they received throughout the product review process.

SEAtS feature rich platform, on-demand cloud capabilities and competitive price point set them apart from competitors which led to the decision to choose SEAtS Software.

“Conestoga chose SEAtS because of their previous experience in the postsecondary sector and the great customer service we received throughout the product review process. The SEAtS platform helps us to support student engagement and success in a transparent, and highly automated manner.”

Barbara Kelly, Vice President Academic/Student Affairs and Human Resources,
Conestoga College

“SEAtS is delighted to add Conestoga College to our student success family, and we are excited to partner together in driving student engagement, retention and better outcomes. Conestoga are committed to continuous improvement. SEAtS Students Attendance App and Dashboards puts the shared information that Conestoga Leadership, Staff and Students need to succeed at their fingertips every day.”

Noel Dooley – CEO SEAtS Software

Key Benefits

SEAtS offers the latest in mobile and cloud technology, delivering an easy to install attendance solution with granular reporting features that support student success.

The SEATs platform, specifically the early alert capability, will allow Conestoga to better support student well-being and academic success through improved identification. The move to SEAtS will also reduce paperwork, moving away from manual attendance systems, and save valuable time for professors who record attendance.

About SEAtS

SEAtS provide an innovative platform for students, academics and staff in order to focus efforts on achieving better student engagement, retention and overall experience, leading to improved academic achievement and outcomes.

SEAtS analytical software makes sense of the volume of data collected across campus at every possible student touchpoint in real time, flags students who need help, and delivers timely intervention for better outcomes.

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