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The Situation

St Mary’s University Twickenham, one of London’s top Universities for student experience, announced today that it has partnered with SEAtS Software to deliver powerful student engagement and data science software for 4,600 full-time and part-time students.

The partnership will enable St Mary’s tutors to monitor a range of other data sources from across the campus, including attendance, providing a richer and more comprehensive view of a student’s engagement with the University through a sophisticated Personal Tutor Dashboard. SEAtS uses automated business process workflows to push alerts to students and staff based on statistical scores calculated from historic and real-time campus data feeds. The Tutor Dashboard has the capability to drive retention, engagement, attendance and attainment across the campus.

The SEAtS platform connects with a large number of campus systems at St Mary’s University including the Student Record System, Celcat Timetabling and the Virtual Learning Environment, as well as other systems.

The Challenges

St Mary’s is always searching for innovative ways to enhance student experience and attainment. St Mary’s identified the need to find a suitable student engagement solution.

The Vendor Selection Process

St Mary’s wanted a solution that could deploy quickly, and grow in line with the organisation. This eliminated many vendors, when combined with the need for a solution that would be easy to use and understand. The Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud procurement framework helped the decision-making process by quickly identifying a short-list of likely vendors. St Mary’s selected SEAtS as it had the features and track record to handle a speedy deployment and an easy transition at a time when the University was also transitioning to a new student record system.

“I am delighted to have the prestigious St Mary’s University Twickenham on board. Our powerful analytics will assist St Mary’s in achieving the best possible outcomes for all students.

St Mary’s is the 16th London Institution to deploy SEAtS Student Success Platform in less than 36 months. We look forward to assisting St. Mary’s in building on their strong reputation as a University that delivers on student success.”

Noel Dooley – CEO SEAtS Software

“We pride ourselves in assisting all our students equally. Meeting our high standards means using the most innovative and effective tools. SEAtS produce valuable insights that ensure all students are fully supported throughout their period of study.”

Dr. Adam Longcroft, Dean of Teaching & Learning, St’ Mary’s University
Conestoga College

About SEAtS

SEAtS provide an innovative platform for students, academics and staff in order to focus efforts on achieving better student engagement, retention and overall experience, leading to improved academic achievement and outcomes.

SEAtS analytical software makes sense of the volume of data collected across campus at every possible student touchpoint in real time, flags students who need help, and delivers timely intervention for better outcomes.