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Unitec Institute of Technology

The Situation

July 2018, SEAtS Software, a leading provider of student success software and analytics for Higher Education, today announced that Unitec Institute of Technology is deploying their software. SEAtS will help Unitec deliver the best possible student experience and outcomes. SEAtS will support Unitec’s Student Retention, Engagement, and Compliance Programs.

The solution will include attendance tracking for Unitec’s large student body. Students will check into class using the SEAtS mobile application which allows them to record their own attendance on the free SEAtS Mobile App. The Mobile App works with Bluetooth iBeacons which will be located in each of the teaching spaces. Card readers will be used in select locations based on best practices recommended by SEAtS.

SEAtS Early Alert workflows use email and text to communicate with students, faculty and support staff. Critical early alerts will address issues at the earliest possible time. SEAtS data-science powered Learning Analytics identifies students who are trending toward atrisk status. Dashboards and reports empower academic leadership to assess and improve programs and courses.

Unitec Interim Chief Executive Merran Davis said the introduction of SEAtS would allow greater engagement with students.

“Increasing the richness of student data helps us identify where someone might be struggling and get the right support in place early. SEAtS provide a range of functionality which goes well beyond capturing attendance. We believe it will be a useful tool to support our teachers and drive student success.”

Merran Davis, Interim Chief Executive

“Two months after contract signing with SEAtS Software, Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand, successfully went live with the SEAtS Attendance Tracking solution for 16,000 students and is proceeding to implement the Early Alert and Learning Analytics components of the SEAtS solution. SEAtS and Unitec collaborated successfully to be ready for their July 23rd academic term and share a high level of excitement for the value that Unitec will derive from the full solution.”

Jim Tully, V.P. Student Success, SEAtS Software

About Unitec

Unitec Institute of Technology is the largest institute of technology in Auckland, New Zealand with over 16,000 students. Unitec offers degree programs in arts, business and technical subjects at the bachelors, masters and doctoral level. They pride themselves on offering leading employment focused education for their students.

About SEAtS

SEAtS Software was established with the vision of building the world’s most effective student success platform in higher education, making it possible for students to achieve their full potential. Our student success cloud solution tracks real-time class and online attendance and analyses academic engagement and performance. SEAtS prompts critical interventions and roadmaps advisor follow-ups with failing, dropping out or under-performing students.

Providing high-quality, cost effective student success solutions has helped us amass a broad client base all over the world. We work with leading institutions both large and small to help them engage their students and empower their people. Our Software platform impacts every aspect of the student and faculty experience, helping people to make their best work even better. This ultimately translates into greater business results. We are a leading provider of software, technologies and services that are vital to the efficient administration of higher education institutions. Our solutions provide institutions the power to meet all their academic and administrative needs.