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Student Attendance

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University of the Incarnate Word

The Situation

University of the Incarnate Word Feik School of Pharmacy (UIWFSOP) has partnered with SEAtS Software to deliver powerful student engagement software that tracks student attendance as well as providing COVID19 Early Alert contact tracing.

Key Deliverables

University of the Incarnate Word will enable students to capture attendance online and on-campus, saving time for both students and staff.

SEAtS Thermal Scanners. Capture student’s temperature as they present themselves to campus.

Online attendance. Students will check-in through live links for all on-line Zoom lectures.

In-class attendance. Students will check-in using SEATS Attend Mobile App using Bluetooth iBeacons located in each t eaching space.

Contact Tracing. UIWFSOP will be able to track & trace community transmission and move swiftly to alert students and staff of any potential risk.

SEAtS Early Alert. Workflow emails alert staff to “at-risk” students. Staff then prioritize critical early intervention to maintain the highest standards.

“Using SEAtS automated workflow will reduce the need for staff to monitor and communicate with students, faculty and student services. It will greatly save us time so that the reason for the student’s attendance problem can be solved instead of the time-consuming task of determining who is actually absent.” David Maize, Dean of the University of the Incarnate Word Feik School of Pharmacy


Research has shown that attendance increases success in an academic program, and it is important to help pharmacy students learn professionalism. UIWFSOP wanted a faculty- and student-friendly method to take attendance and promote the importance of time management.

Vendor Selection Process

We searched for many years to find a faculty and student-friendly method of taking attendance. We first discovered SEAtS in January 2020. Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck. SEAtS introduced Thermal devices to monitor student temperature. At the same time, a change in policy at the university now required mandatory attendance tracking.

This meant that we could automatically check students’ temperatures as they arrived on campus, and utilize contact tracing methods using the attendance data.

“We saw SEAtS as an option to track attendance and temperature with a strong automated system in their workflows.” David Maize, Dean of the University of the Incarnate Word Feik School of Pharmacy

Solution Snapshot:
  • Support student well-being and academic success with hybrid student attendance data
  • Identify students with a high temperature with thermal devices and contact track & trace
  • Reduce paperwork, moving away from manual attendance systems, and save valuable time for staff.
About SEAtS

SEAtS is an innovative platform for students, academics and staff that encourages better student engagement and retention, leading to improved academic achievement and outcomes.

“SEAtS is delighted to add Incarnate Word to our student success family, and we are excited to partner together in driving student engagement, retention and better outcomes. Incarnate Word are committed to continuous improvement. SEAtS Students Attendance App and Dashboards puts the shared information that Incarnate Word Leadership, Staff and Students need to succeed at their fingertips every day.” Noel Dooley – CEO SEAtS Software

About Incarnate Word Feik School of Pharmacy

UIWFSOP is a learner-centered community dedicated to advancing the quality of healthcare in diverse populations through innovative methods.