10 Reasons why you need to be using SEAtS Software

Ten Reasons why you need to be using SEAtS Software
1. Student Retention increases on average 12% in one year

Retaining more students is about finding those who are struggling and facilitating a journey towards Student Success. Better student retention results in increased revenue, reputation and rankings.

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Why is recording student attendance important?

Research Literature

First and foremost, the scholarly articles that have reported on the relationship between student attendance and ‘performance’ (grades, completion, etc) highlight the fact that there is a very clear correlation between student success and student attendance.

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Our development team have been hard at work building amazing features just in time for the New Year.

Whether you’re an existing SEAtS user or you want to find out more about the No.1 Student Success Platform, we’ve got a collection of exciting updates to share.

You will find something to help you at each stage of the student journey, with features including productivity boosters, tools for managing cases and much more.
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Are students afraid to ask for help?

The first semester can be overwhelming for students; managing workload, making new friends, homesickness, social anxiety, academic stress, meeting deadlines. While graduates look back at the challenges of the first semester with a great sense of pride and achievement, it is difficult to appreciate the lessons at the time. Many students struggle with the transition to higher education, so it is incumbent on the institution to provide services that help students along the way.

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Student Success – A win:win for students and faculty in Higher Education

Higher education institutions (HEI’s) in the 21st century face many and varied challenges. The reporting demands alone are daunting and seem unending. Add to this a complex regulatory framework and ever increasing ‘accountability’ and you begin to get some idea of the challenging environment of global higher education.

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What is Predictive Analytics?

What is predictive analytics?

As the name suggests, Predictive Analytics makes predictions about unknown future events. Data mining, statistics, modelling, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence can all play a role in analysing old and new data to make future predictions.

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SEAtS Software is top of the class for Attendance Monitoring

SEAtS Software is the most popular commercial Attendance Monitoring System in UK universities.

Corporate Information Systems Group (CISG) recently published their annual report of all UCISA member institutions. The results confirm that SEAtS Software is twice as popular as its nearest commercial competitor.

SEAtS wants to reverse a worrying trend in colleges which has seen student retention rates decrease for the 4th year running.

A key indicator of student progress is attendance. SEAtS provides the hardware and software to record accurate attendance. Attendance data combined with dozens of other data points offer a complete digital progress report of each student. Workflows allow faculty administrators to automate contact with the student and escalate at-risk students for data-driven case management.

Early intervention increases student retention, and reduces the financial and reputational loss for both the university and the student. EdTech has seen an explosion in popularity in Higher Education over the last decade, and SEAtS Software is leading the way.

Unitec Institute of Technology goes live with SEAtS in only 46 days

Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand is now live with SEAtS Student Success Platform after only 46 days implementation.

Unitec will use SEAtS to deliver the best possible student experience and outcomes, while supporting Unitec’s Student Retention, Engagement, and Compliance Programs.

Since going live, the SEAtS system has delivered the following key benefits:

  • Attendance tracking of 20,000 FTE students and over 60,000 students in total
  • Simple student check-in using SEAtS mobile app and Student ID Card readers
  • Integrated Data streams from both Peoplesoft SIS and Timetable systems.

SEAtS is student success, student attendance and learning analytics software in the cloud, on mobile, and built to work from day one. Learn more about all of our solutions here.

If you would like any further information on how you can put SEAtS to work at your institution, just drop us a mail or call us on the number below.

APP UPDATE: 10,000 v2 downloads in one week

v2 App Stats

10,349 students used SEAtS v2 mobile app in the first week of availability on the iOS and Android App Stores.

Students experienced 145,000 interactions with the new app in the first week.

The average interaction time was 27 seconds

70% of devices were iPhones

Students in the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand and Ireland are using the new app.

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List of Tier 4 Sponsorship responsibilities, and how SEAtS can help

Maintaining a Tier 4 sponsor Licence is a priority for all Higher Education Institutions.

According to PWC’s 2018 report on Managing Risk in Higher Education, UKVI compliance is top of all HEI risk registers.

SEAtS have worked with several HEI’s to create a reliable solution that removes Tier 4 licensing from their risk register.

Below are a list of Tier 4 Sponsor responsibilities that SEAtS Software helps resolve:

  • To take and keep copies of students’ passports, immigration status documents, visas or Biometric Residence Permits.
  • To keep an up to date record of students’ contact details.
  • To hold a copy of a student’s Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance certificate where required by the student’s programme of study or research.
  • To check that students have registered as required and to report those students who fail to register on time to UKVI.
  • To monitor each student’s attendance and to report any discontinuation of studies or unauthorised absence to UKVI.
  • To report deferrals, suspensions, withdrawals and terminations of study to UKVI.
  • To notify UKVI of any significant changes in your circumstances, e.g. a change to your immigration status such that you are no longer sponsored under Tier 4, a change of programme at the University, early completion of your studies.
  • To notify UKVI of any information which suggests a sponsored student is breaching the conditions of his/her immigration permission.

SEAtS is the world’s most effective student success platform in Higher Education. International students contribute enormously and SEAtS prioritises UKVI for HEI and Student Success.

Learn more about how SEAtS delivers in UKVI, Student Attendance, Predictive Analytics, Early Alert Systems and Case Management.

SEAtS Software awarded place on G-Cloud 10

I am delighted to announce that SEAtS Software has again been awarded a place on the G-Cloud procurement framework, now in its 10th iteration.

G-Cloud is a government initiative which aims to make it easier for government bodies to buy cloud-based services, acting as a government-sanctioned marketplace. SEAtS was chosen as it met stringent standards of high quality, credibility and experience.

The primary goal of G-Cloud is to provide public sector organisations the opportunity to buy cloud services without needing to run a full tender or competition procurement process.

G-Cloud 10 is important for small and medium sized enterprises like SEAtS as it asks suppliers what they can offer rather than how they can meet a brief which encourages innovation.

Since 2012, more than £3 billion of cloud and digital services have been procured by public bodies through G-Cloud, with 48% of that spend going directly to SMEs.

Higher Education Institutions are subject to public standards of accountability. Basic procurement regulations ensure that money is spent in a way that is fair, open and good value for money. The tendering process can lead to a “race to the bottom” where price is put before quality; leading to inefficiencies and failed ICT implementation because the winning bid is simply unable to deliver on the cheapest price. The commonly used lowest price tendering approach can seriously damage software implementation, and damage reputation.

SEAtS Software are delighted to be a part of a government initiative that aims to improve public procurement efficiency, and cost management.

Visit SEAtS Software on the digital marketplace by clicking the link below and find out how we do business.

Download SEAtS new App Today!

I am delighted to announce that SEAtS new student mobile app for iOS and Android is available for download for even more efficient Student Attendance recording.

As you may know, SEAtS have been working on new architecture for the SEAtS Mobile iOS and Android Apps. We are now using the Microsoft Mobile Development Stack. This will give us the capacity to add new features faster in the future. We have got some exciting new features to share with you in this release. We will be adding many more exciting new features in the coming months. The SEAtS Product Marketing team will keep you updated on these new features via email.


You Ask, We Deliver

The feedback from customers was that many students struggled with the mobile code SMS, and an easier student on-boarding experience was needed. The SEAtS App now integrates with your Azure AD / ADFS security. The student will install the app and enter their university email credentials. It will then authenticate with the University Active Directory. SEAtS will continue to support text message sign-up for now. The student will then be able to access the SEAtS App and check in to class, view their attendance history and upcoming events.

NEW App Screens

Student Retention and Completion Issues – How SEAtS can help…

According to studies in recent years, students who are attending four-year colleges in the United States are taking up to six years to graduate, if they graduate at all. The trend in delayed graduation rates is associated to the student’s lack of understanding about their degree requirements, personal family and work commitments that compete for limited resources, and incomplete support to help students develop and stick with a degree plan. SEAtS Student Retention Platform can help you here…

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The SEAtS Student Equation…


Your Data + Our Software = Student Success

Three good reasons why your institution should consider the SEAtS Student Success Platform…

  • Easy to use – Ready to go reports, alerts, and forms
  • Easy to buy – Buy straight from the UK Governments Digital Marketplace
  • Easy to run – Just add data from your campus systems

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The Importance of Student Retention

Let us help you help the 40% of students who don’t complete their degree!

Student retention is a major issue in higher education today – make sure your university takes action sooner rather than later!

SEAtS Student Success Platform is designed with the university and colleges best interest in mind. Our solutions are designed to benefit you university, college or institution in the most effective way possible.
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University of South Wales deploys SEAtS Software

University of South Wales runs its visa and compliance processes on SEAtS Software Student Success Cloud-based Software.

On the 11th of August 2015, SEAtS, a leading provider of student success software for Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), announced that the University of South Wales has deployed SEAtS software to support the University’s Student Visa and Immigration Compliance processes.

Crown Commercial Service Digital Marketplace

The university identified SEAtS through a comprehensive selection and evaluation process, fully researching the market. USW then procured the SEAtS Solution through the Crown Commercial Service Digital Marketplace where SEAtS is listed on the OJEU approved G-Cloud V framework.
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Visit our Stand at UCISA CISG2013 Conference

SEAtS Software’s innovative software is designed to help universities retain their students and improve performance by tracking and measuring participation, acting as an early warning system that prompts and records retention, compliance and welfare intervention and follow-up through our easy to use solution.

  • Retain students and improve performance
  • 3D shared view of campus activity for students, academic and administrative staff
  • Protect revenues, reputation and rankings
  • Actively monitor participation and manage placements
  • Early warning system to drive and track retention, compliance and pastoral intervention
  • Automate Tier 4 visa and other compliance requirements


Come and visit us at Stand 14 at the upcoming UCISA CISG2013 conference at The De Vere Grand, Brighton, on 20-22 November and enter our draw for a free Smart watch.

Over £1 billion spent on student retention as drop out rate at universities hits 30,000

University drop-out rate soars by 13pc in a year

Record numbers of students quit university courses last year as the higher education drop-out rate soared above 30,000 for the first time, official figures show. More than one-in-five undergraduates are failing to compete the first year of their degree at the worst-performing universities, it emerged, prompting fears that millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money is being wasted on unwanted courses. At some universities, an estimated four-in-10 students will fail to finish the course they started after either dropping out, switching to another institution or graduating with a lesser qualification.
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