Change Management

Our solutions were designed to transform how an institution understands, empowers and maximises the potential of its students. Our change management approach has been developed to help colleges achieve this type of process transformation.

THE ROAD TO STUDENT SUCCESS with change management

A methodical approach to identifying the reasons for any resistance to change, building champions among management and key stakeholders, mapping out the strategy and tactics that will enable the desire transformational outcomes.


A holistic approach to your institutions chosen deployment that applies best practices in employee communications and project management to generate enthusiasm and adoption of your workforce management strategy.


A series of practices and training materials that help maintain enthusiasm and adoption of your new strategy well beyond the initial SEAtS rollout.

The change management practice also offers a la carte services and deliverables that can enhance or boost the success rate of your SEAtS initiative…

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Communication Plan
  • Training & Performance Plan
  • Business Process Redesign