Charter School Management System

For improving student retention, wellbeing, and outcomes.

SEAtS 100% cloud based charter school management system delivers positive student outcomes and actionable data insights.

Update your current timetables and schedule an entire semester of hybrid learning classes with our student scheduling solution.

Track and manage student attendance. Generate extensive attendance reports for all stakeholders.

Use student engagement analytics to get a complete overview of student progression and delve into specific interactions with their learning.

Improve student retention rates in your charter school with an early warning system. For effective interventions with academically at risk students.

Enable and support student progression with individual case management. Evenly distribute advisor and faculty workloads.

Ensure complete compliance and management without the administrative burden.

Introducing the SEAtS Education Suite

SEAtS Education Suite of software solutions can operate independently of each other, or together as a complete student success platform.

Add the solutions you need, as you need them.

Student Scheduling Software for Charter School

Student Scheduling

SEAtS student scheduling software is purpose built for hybrid learning. Reduce the time taken to make old timetabling software ready for the new normal. With SEAtS Scheduler, you can update your existing charter school timetable with online events and create an entire semester of classes. Push real-time notifications of scheduling updates and cancellations to faculty.

Student Scheduling Software

For facilities management, space planning, and social distance learning. Find available rooms. Identify scheduling conflicts and underutilised space. Get rid of the need for physical room audits with smart campus analytics.

Charter schools use SEAtS space utilisation and management:

  • To find out how they are currently using space
  • To optimise room capacities for social distanced learning
  • When moving or expanding school
  • If they are currently sharing space with other schools
  • To assess future space planning requirements
Student Attendance Management software and student mobile app
Student Attendance Management software for Charter School

Student Attendance Management

Attendance remains a key indicator of academic success. SEAtS student attendance management solution captures attendance anywhere. Track both physical and online data for total hybrid learning attendance management.

Student attendance devices

Choose the method of tracking student attendance you want. Whether physical, online, or a hybrid learning approach; you can now totally track student attendance in your charter school.

  • Card Readers
  • iBeacons
  • QR Scans
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
Student mobile app

SEAtS eAttend is the attendance capture mobile app for students. With the mobile app, students are given ownership over their learning and progression.

  • Single Sign on
  • Check-in/out
  • View attendance dashboard
  • Keep track of progression
  • Reserve a seat in class
  • Attend online classes
  • Add absences
  • Real-time calendar

Generate student attendance reports with ease. SEAtS charter school attendance solution integrates fully with your existing campus systems and technology.

  • Track and report on student attendance from online learning providers like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  • Capture student attendance data from existing VLE systems, such as Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle.
  • Fulfil federal funding and stakeholder obligations, as well as tier 4 attendance monitoring and reporting.
Learning Analytics Software for Charter School

Learning Analytics

Learn how your students interact with their learning. SEAtS learning analytics solution mirrors the real-life interactions at your school. Equipped with a fully customisable lead indicators dashboard, you can easily make sense of the metrics that matter. Score a student’s engagement levels in relation to their cohort.

Learning Analytics solution for Art School

Our 100% web based student management system integrates completely with your existing technology. Charter schools can pull data from all systems into one place, making it as easy as possible to get a holistic view of each student’s academic engagement.

The benefits of integrating with your school systems

  • Staff are on the same page.
  • Data can be pushed back into each system.
  • Reflect real-life student interactions in school and online.
  • Total visibility over academic progression.
  • Make data-driven decisions.

Predict a student’s likelihood to succeed using a range of engagement criteria. Engagement data signals can be customised and weighted to mirror student engagement at your charter school. Evaluate students using a single success score, which is calculated from both historical and real-time touch points.

Tracking student engagement online from…

  • Virtual class attendance
  • VLE interactions
  • Library visits
  • Grades and submissions
  • Remote tutorials
  • 50+ other student touch points…
Case Management System software
Student Case Management Software for Charter Schools

Student Case Management

Give school counsellors the actionable insights they need to trigger critical early interventions. SEAtS case management solution gives charter schools an overview of ongoing student progression. Manage individual cases. View open cases and create manual case interventions. Our case management software can be customised to ensure user satisfaction.

Improving overall student retention at your school doesn’t need to be hard. With SEAtS, you can track key performance indicators and keep students on track.

  • Deliver real-time alerts, insights, and calls to action.
  • Workflows allow school counsellors to automate contact with students.
  • Escalate at-risk students.

SEAtS Software allows us to successfully tackle one of our biggest challenges – tracking attendance and student performance in order to establish early alert systems for rapid intervention. SEAtS has the potential to positively impact the success rates of our students by improving retention and graduation rates which have significant implications for both the students and
the institution.

Jennifer Washinston, Registrar

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Early Warning System software for Charter Schools

Early Warning System

SEAtS early warning system acts as a safety net to accompany our case management solution. Make sure no student is ever out of reach. Automate notifications and communications to the student and school counsellors that engagement criteria is not being met. Engage students before they are at risk of dropping out.

Early Warning System software

Keep continuous student wellbeing and progression levels in sight. Our early alerts set a bassline for student success in hybrid learning. With targeted interventions, academically at risk students can be more effectively retained.

The benefits of early alerts

  • Save critical time
  • Remove human error
  • Facilitate early student interventions
  • Evenly distribute school counsellors workload

SEAtS COVID-19 toolkit produces reports and alerts on recent staff and student contacts where a potential or confirmed case has been identified. Notify students and staff that were in shared spaces with next steps and faculty policy.

  • Touchless attendance device with fever recognition
  • Contact track and trace
Visa Compliance software for higher education
Compliance Management software for Charter School

School Compliance Management

Manage compliance obligations with a comprehensive charter school compliance solution. Provide capture and report evidence of substantive student engagement. Simplify administration at your school.

Meet and exceed your visa and immigration compliance needs with our extensive data collection reports and workflows. SEAtS identifies at-risk students who are not visa compliant and connects them with staff.

Tier 4 Compliance management doesn’t need to be complicated.

  • Flag students who do not meet requirements
  • Real-time reports on individual students
  • Automate alerts for streamlined administration
  • Keep track of UKVI, Visa and ATAS requirements

Federally funded grants require students maintain a level of academic engagement. Achieve visibility over student engagement in hybrid learning. Minimise the time spent reporting for federal grants.

Want to achieve your student success goals?

A 100% web based student management system that prioritises progress at school.