Chief Compliance Officer

SEAtS Student Attendance Management Software is trusted by the Chief Compliance Officer
for Student Success

SEAtS has been a tremendous success, giving us enormously rich data on student attendance, module group preferences, teaching patterns and classroom utilisation.

Adrian Ellison, Director of Information Technology

SEAtS Student Success Platform is built to support the best possible outcomes for your students through your teaching, learning, and research activities with the insight to ensure stakeholder compliance and operational excellence.

We provide
  • View critical real-time insights on Stakeholder compliance with embedded analytics, dashboards, and scorecards for student success.
  • Embed a culture of compliance accountability at every level,institution wide with automated process workflows and reporting structures for visa compliance.
  • Make Data driven decision based on individual and collective analytics results.
  • Engage students, faculty, and staff with timely ,appropriate, personalised email and smartphone messaging and tailored document templates.

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