SEAtS is the leading global vendor of student success solutions, helping you to engage and retain more students.

SEAtS Software was established with the vision of building the world’s most effective student success software in higher education, making it possible for each and every student on campus to achieve their full potential. Today, we deliver solutions to world renowned institutions in the UK, America, and New Zealand.

Our on-site team of experts deploy and integrate enterprise software such as CRM, Business Intelligence, Workforce Management and ERP. SEAtS student success cloud solution tracks real-time class and online attendance and analyses academic engagement and performance. Not only that, SEAtS Solution prompts critical interventions and roadmaps advisor follow-ups with failing or under-performing students.

Providing high-quality, cost effective student success solutions, we work with leading universities both large and small to help them engage their students and empower their faculty. Our solutions provide colleges and universities the power to meet all their academic and administrative needs.

Photo of SEAtS offices