Consulting Services

Our cloud & on premise applications are far more cost-effective, easier to deploy & manage than software from traditional HE software consulting services.

Delivering Value

We work consistently with our technology, systems integration & consulting partners collaborating to successfully deploy the SEAtS applications in partnership with our customers.

All consultants go through rigorous training to ensure that we deliver the best solution & the best results possible for every customer.

Domain, Technology & Project Expertise

We believe that the key to delivering value from the strategic use of information technology in HE is building the multi-disciplinary project team.

The project team needs expertise ranging from program and project management to technology skills, data integration, business analysis and change management.

We work to leverage the knowledge & expertise in our customer’s project teams & complement these with our highly trained consultants.


Customer deployments are driven by the SEAtS tailored methodology. This methodology is designed to deliver the maximum value in the early stages of the product and is particularly effective in Software as a Service Cloud deployments.