Early Alert System

For effective student interventions in higher education.

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Ensure ongoing student wellbeing and progression levels remain visible in blended learning. SEAtS Early Alert program enables institutions to set a baseline for academic success. With customisable criteria, no student can fall through the cracks. Think of our early alert system as a safety net to compliment your student case management.

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The benefits of an early alert system

Saves time

Each student is different. Therefore, Lecturers often deal with students on an individual basis. Keeping track of each student’s progression can be time consuming. With SEAtS, faculty are automatically alerted of student progress changes.


Facilitates early student interventions

Identify at-risk or struggling students early. Carry out targeted academic interventions before there is any irreparable damage done. Keep students on track to graduation.

Removes human error

Improve student case management. Remove the reliance on the memory of case managers. With SEAtS as a safety net, no student is forgotten about.

Remove the administrative burden of compliance

Equipped with a complete suite of compliance reports and functionality, you can spend less time on administration and more time implementing strategies for academic success.

Distribute workload evenly between student case managers

SEAtS tracks how many cases each advisor is currently dealing with. Couple this with comprehensive student data to decide who in your team is best suited to individual cases.

Integrates with existing campus technology

Integrate SEAtS early alert system with your existing campus technology for total visibility over ongoing student progression. Get a better picture of their likelihood to succeed. Make data-driven decisions part of your student success strategies. Read more about our campus integrations.

Bonus early alert features

Progress Report

It would be great if student progression could be positively affected by just one meeting, but that is rarely the case. Monitoring student intervention is necessary for maximising student success. SEAtS provide the option to monitor each intervention on the dashboard or through custom reports which allow for at a glance updates.

Add Attachments

While basic information for each student can be easily monitored, engagement with a student can leave a paper-trial. This paper trail can often be left in multiple locations. With SEAtS, any interaction can be recorded with the added peace of mind of attaching a file. Historical data can be easily understood with access to historical documents relative to each interaction minimise cross-wires.

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Improve overall student retention

SEAtS users have seen a 14.4% increase in student retention for repeat level students. Positively impact student outcomes.

Looking for a new early alert system?

Find the solution that suits you best. Start your student success journey with SEAtS today. Targeted interventions are just a click away.

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