Early Warning System

From attendance and grades, to library visits and submissions, SEAtS lets you see how engaged a student is. Set alerts and be notified if a student is not meeting baseline requirements.

Case Management Stages


Early Alert

Monitoring student progress takes time. And each student is different. Therefore, lecturers often deal with each student on an individual basis. The problem is, lecturers must keep track of hundreds of students at a time and when you take into account all the coursework, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to keep track. With SEAtS, faculty are automatically alerted of student progress; removing the reliance on lecturers to remember everyone.

Progress Report

It would be great if student progression could be positively affected by just one meeting, but that is rarely the case. Monitoring student intervention is necessary for maximising student success. SEAtS provide the option to monitor each intervention on the dashboard or through custom reports which allow for at a glance updates.

Early Intervention

Understanding the progress of a student means knowing who they are, what they do, how they are doing it and where they are relative to their class peers. Having access to all this information makes it easier to know who best to assign to each student who is struggling, all of which can be done using the SEAtS platform. SEAtS also track how many cases each advisor is dealing with so as not to overly assign too many interventions to one advisor.

Add Attachments

While basic information for each student can be easily monitored, engagement with a student can leave a paper-trial. This paper trail can often be left in multiple locations. With SEAtS, any interaction can be recorded with the added peace of mind of attaching a file. Historical data can be easily understood with access to historical documents relative to each interaction minimise cross-wires.

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