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Simplify Timetables for Students and Staff

Traditional university timetabling systems often struggle to accommodate complex schedules, leading to overlapping classes, student conflicts and waste of resources.

Experience a significant reduction in scheduling conflicts, improved student satisfaction, and enhanced resource utilization. Transform your university’s scheduling burden into a smooth and efficient operation with SEAtS timetabling solution!

SEAtS Timetabling Solution


Easily manage student attendance.

Capture and report on student attendance in class, online and off-campus.

Attend - Student attendance management dashboard
Use simple filtering to focus your student attendance dashboard.
Choose from a variety of actions, including bulk edit and communication.
Customise your student attendance dashboard with custom fields and labels.
Click through from school down to the individual student profile.

The complete student attendance system

SEAtS Attend is a student attendance management system designed for blended learning to capture, manage and report on attendance, whether on- or off-campus.

Capture Attendance

Track student attendance in-person, online, on and off campus.

Engage Students

Allow students choose how they learn, check in and out of class, and more.

Real-Time Register

Move from paper-based registers to real-time student attendance management.

Capture in class attendance

Choose your way of capturing face-to-face student attendance. Learn more.

capture student attendance via QR code, bluetooth beacon, and card reader

Keep track of attendance online

Integrate with your existing LMS and Lecture Capture software for accurate online student attendance.

automatically register online student attendance and contact them individually

Maintain attendance off-campus

Easily capture and manage student attendance at off-campus events.

check into offsite events via GPS technology

A live student attendance dashboard

Use one attendance dashboard that can drill down from school to student. Learn more.

student attendance dashboard with cohort averages

Generate out-of-the-box attendance reports

Reduce administration staff workload with simple attendance reporting. Learn more.

generate academic reports on student attendance

Give students ownership over their learning

Stay connected with a learning success tracker. Learn more.

student mobile app with menu, attendance drilldown and request help form

The benefits to your institution

Get more from your student attendance management system.

Automate compliance reporting

Use out-of-the-box academic compliance workflows to fulfil visa, performance based funding, and all stakeholder reporting requirements.

Distinguish Online Student Attendance

With live connectors to video conferencing tools (Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Zoom, Panopto), you automatically capture online student attendance and distinguish between attendance types.

Push Early Alerts for Compliance

Notify faculty, staff, and students in real-time that compliance criteria is not being met. Block out time in the student calendar for a check-up with the option to include online meeting links for remote reviews.

academic compliance workflow with filters applied
student on work experience with seats profile screenshot

Capture work placement activity

Never lose sight of student attendance or engagement, even at off-campus events, such as work placements and apprenticeships.

Create Portable Bluetooth Beacons

Turn a work placement coordinator’s smartphone or tablet into a Bluetooth beacon for students to check-in to their placement and capture attendance. Use what you already have for a stress-free work placement process.

A Complete Audit Trail

Store everything related to a student’s professional accreditation in their individual student profile with field-level security. This ensures that staff only see the data that is relevant to them.

Inform estate planning

Unlock additional value from your infrastructure investment. Make student attendance data go further with real-time location services and insights.

Connect to your campus network

Replace the need for physical beacons. Map virtual beacons to the exact teaching space configuration needed. Enable accurate location services to 1 metre and send real-time alerts to student and staff smartphones.

Help drive campus carbon reduction

Real-time student attendance data feeds SEAtS Space Utilisation. Give estate management teams the insights they need to reduce carbon emissions. Know exactly when energy is needed, and where.

Estates manager examining SEAtS Space Utilisation Dashboard.

Who is using SEAtS Attend?

SEAtS has been a tremendous success, giving us enormously rich data on student attendance, module group preferences, teaching patterns and classroom utilisation.

Adrian EllisonIT Director, UWL

SEAtS Attend offered us an immediate solution to support our Visa and immigration Compliance Policies and Processes for the entire South Wales campus. The software easily interfaced with our existing campus systems.

Liam BrysonHead of Student Records, Returns and Systems, USW

SEAtS Attend will greatly save us time so that the reason for the student’s attendance problem can be solved instead of the time-consuming task of determining who is actually absent.

David MaizeDean, UIW Feik School of Pharmacy

Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, SEAtS are committed to making it as easy as possible for Microsoft customers to implement our student attendance management solution.

SEAtS Attend is available to purchase direct from the Azure Marketplace.

Make attendance management easy!

Get a full live demo and walkthrough of our student attendance management solution.

Attendance and engagement data feeding dashboards, reports, and workflows
Workflows and Early Alerts