Create extensive academic reports.

Use out-of-the-box academic reports or customise your own. Automate email updates.

Out of the box academic reports

Customise stakeholder reports

Filter your academic dashboard to surface the students you are looking for. Export your views.

Export Students

PDF & CSV Files

export custom filter reports from dashboard

Custom Filters

Save Views

Report on everything

Users with the right permissions can export reports on all student and campus data within the system. Meet and exceed all academic reporting requirements.

Define Ranges

Set your student attendance report parameters.

overall student attendance reports

Choose Columns

Select the columns you’d like to appear in your student attendance report.

Bulk Select

Individually choose or bulk select all students you’d like to include in your student engagement report.

student engagement reports

Engagement Filters

Set the parameters for your student engagement report. Apply your custom filters and save your view.

Export Cases

Select the student cases you would like to export. Create pdf. and csv. student case management reports.

student case management reports

Manage Workloads

Easily assign cases to personal tutors, academic advisors, and case managers for even workload distribution.

Online Vs In-person

Distinguish at a glance how a student is interacting with their learning.

student activity reports

Full Audit Trail

Store all activity in the student profile for a complete picture of the student journey.

Drill Down

View space utilisation by site, building, or room for a detailed breakdown on campus efficiency.

space utilisation reports

Slide Filters

Create space utilisation reports that fall within scalable parameters.

The benefits of academic reports

Securely generate visa, financial aid, and performance based funding compliance reports.

Ensure Data Privacy

Keep sensitive student information and data secure. Our role based security gives admins the ultimate control over every field in the system. Users only see the information that is relevant for them. Subsequently, they can only export and report on the data they have available.

case manager dashboard with data security
reports as part of a student wellbeing workflow

Save Time

Use our custom workflows to automate reporting processes and updates. Use pre-built email templates with pdf. or csv. reports attached and circulate them between relevant faculty and staff. Set and forget your academic report workflows.

Reduce Paper Waste

SEAtS mobile and web apps are built entirely on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This means that all of our reports are paperless. If you have paper student records, they can be added as attachments to one centralised system, eliminating the need to circulate paper between departments. Exports are in pdf. and csv. formats.

export academic reports as pdfs

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