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Personalise the student experience.

Make students feel like they are more than just a number and a valued part of your campus. Give each student the support they need to excel in their studies, regardless of staff bandwidth. Help your support teams easily manage their time and resources.

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Built for accuracy and efficiency

Student wellbeing and support staff empowerment are important to us. With every new feature, we work to ensure that both students and staff understand how the software works, that data is kept secure, and that student welfare and academic success are the priority.

Decide what’s being tracked

Work closely with SEAtS Customer Success team to identify what student data signals truly represent a student’s engagement with their studies. These can come from physical campus systems (class attendance, library turnstiles, lab time, etc.) and from online sources (LMS activity, submissions, library loans, etc.), combining to create a single comparative student engagement score for staff to easily identify the students that need help.

Column configuration for personal tutor dashboard
SEAtS Admin toggling on and off permissions

Ensure student data security

Our platform is designed with data security at its core. What staff users of SEAtS see within the system is entirely defined by your institution’s allocated SEAtS Admin. This member of staff will work with our Customer Success team before, during, and after implementation to ensure that staff users only see information that is relevant for them in their personal tutor dashboard. If a staff user moves job/role within your institution and their data visibility requirements change, the SEAtS Admin can easily toggle on/off permissions.

Deliver personalised support

We want to make is as easy as possible for personal tutors and student advisors to do their job. Staff users can customise their dashboard fields and filters to save views for quick access every time they open the SEAtS web app.

How it works

A homepage for personal tutors

From one dashboard users can send out bulk communications and meeting requests, open cases and assign owners, or check-in with a student directly and book in some face-to-face time.

Build up your student profiles

Delve deeper into each student’s individual profile that can store all relevant contact details, background data, and attachments, as well as all tracked activity in SEAtS. Identify the peaks and troughs in a student’s engagement to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Give staff back their time

Ensure that no student’s progression is overlooked! Use SEAtS Workflow Builder to automate time-consuming processes, notify users of changes in student engagement, and send communications to students in real-time.

Saving custom personal tutor dashboard views and filters.

A whole new look

SEAtS UI has been refreshed and improved for an even smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

Personal Tutor Dashboard with filter builder

Customisable for each person

Our Personal Tutor Dashboard can be set up with preferences for each individual. While we’re showcasing all functionality, your institution might choose to turn off or customise certain features.

Benefits for the entire team

Keep everyone on the same page

Let students know how they are progressing. Give students access to their own engagement metrics through the SEAtS Mobile App to keep them in the loop. Students can reach out to support staff directly and get sent real-time class reminders for improved retention and attendance.

SEAtS Student Mobile app with engagement metrics, event notifications, and request help screen
Personal tutor working on their dashboard and opening student cases for intervention

Know more, work smarter

With the information SEAtS provides, personal tutors, student advisors, and case managers can make smarter decisions and focus more time on their most critical work. Your personal tutor dashboard gives you a clear overview of student progression.

Simplify stakeholder reporting

Greatly reduce administration time for student support staff by automating reporting as part of a pre-built workflow. Let personal tutors focus entirely on making critical interventions with struggling students and keeping them on track to graduation.

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Take a guided tour

Get a complete overview of SEAtS Personal Tutor Dashboard in action today!